RTK is a program for documenting hazardous chemicals to ensure the safety
of both first responders and the general public. Because of RTK, emergency
authorities are made aware of dangerous materials stored in commercial and
industrial facilities in the five boroughs of New York City.bottles1

RTK filings are due each year on March 1st and fines are imposed for non-compliance (non-filing). Any hazardous substances at your facility meeting the Threshold Reporting Quantities (TRQ) at any time during the prior year must be reported. If your facility meets the threshold for reporting, a Tier II report needs to be completed and submitted. The report must list all hazardous substances and provide detailed information for each. This must include, but is not limited to, Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) (formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets [MSDSs]). At the facility, all affected containers must be labeled, and every facility must keep a copy of their unique Facility Inventory Form (FIF) on premises.

If government officials have reason to believe you’re in violation of RTK regulations, your facility may be subject to inspection without prior notice. If you refuse admission should an inspector show up, you could face additional amends. And, if you are found to have made a misrepresentation on your filing, you could be subject to both fines and jail time. – See more at: https://waldenenvironmentalengineering.comenvironmental-analysis/right-know-consequences-late-filing#sthash.LegxI6ZB.dpuf

The consequences for late filing or failing to file are simply not worth the risk.

Remember, a major reason for this law was to make first responders aware or what dangerous substances are on-site in case of an emergency. You could be putting them at risk also!

So why take a chance? A professional environmental consultant can help you file accurately–and on time–for full compliance.

Be prepared. Protect yourself and your community.


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