Green Energy and Sustainability

Regulatory agencies nationwide are acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage sustainability. In New York alone, the state has invested over $35 billion in renewable energy and other initiatives designed to improve the environment, primarily driven by its Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) of 2019.

These initiatives will benefit local communities in a number of ways, like creating cleaner energy distribution channels, generating good-paying jobs, and improving public health.

Walden is committed to helping public and private organizations reach their green energy program and sustainability goals by identifying sources of local, state, and federal funding, like grants, revolving low-interest loans, and tax credits, that could help fund initiatives.

Walden’s experience and guidance have helped clients understand what regulations apply to them, how they can use data to determine energy usage, what steps can be taken to decarbonize their operations through energy efficiency and electrification, and where capital improvement dollars would best be spent to achieve environmental goals.

Energy efficiency studies and energy audits, asset assessments, renewable energy use and production, energy storage, and design and installation of EV charging facilities are some of the areas that organizations can explore when building a strategy for embracing green energy and sustainability. Walden can help with all of those issues.

As a trusted advisor and energy consultant, Walden helps clients not only in planning tailored strategic initiatives to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements around climate change but also in the scalability, financing, and implementation of tactics to support those plans.


Walden - NYSERDA Approved FlexTech Consultant

Walden is pleased to be working with NYSERDA. As a new FlexTech Consultant, Walden can help your organization secure funding for general feasibility studies; distributed generation, storage and renewable power generation; water and wastewater services; and detecting water leaks and illicit discharges.



For more information about the FlexTech program and NYSERDA, visit: