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Walden Environmental Engineering’s highly experienced team of engineers, geologists and hydrogeologists are fully committed to solving your environmental challenges. In fact, our list of environmental consulting services continues to grow as we continuously explore new ways to help our clients achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

From early concept design and grant writing to emergency response and lab testing, we’re dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs. Because we understand how much is at stake, we’re willing to do whatever it takes.

Learn how our core values of innovation, collaboration and responsiveness can help you on your next project.



Fueling Controversy: The Dark Truth of Using Diesel as a Solvent

A solvent is a substance – typically in a liquid state – that is capable of dissolving, suspending, or extracting materials without inducing a chemical reaction. The effectiveness of a solvent is determined by the degree of chemical similarities between the solvent...

Connecticut’s Newest Underground Storage Tank Proposal

At the time of conception of underground storage tanks (USTs), inventory losses were the lone inspiration for tank regulation. The year 1984 marked a shift in focus from financial losses to environmental and health protection; the Subtitle I RCRA amendments developed...

More Funding Available for Zero-Emission Vehicles in New York

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is currently accepting applications for the latest round of the Municipal Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Rebate Program. There is $750,000 available for qualifying municipalities wishing to purchase or...