Site Investigations and Remediation

Walden performs investigations to characterize soil, soil vapor, and groundwater conditions at sites ranging from small fuel spills to RCRA and Superfund sites. At Walden, we tailor investigations based on site characteristics and project objectives to ensure a cost-effective approach.  Walden’s professionals also perform Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments for due diligence to protect clients from taking on onerous environmental liabilities during property transactions. After the nature and extent of contamination at a site are defined, Walden develops a Remedial Action Plan describing the recommended remediation option, representing the most appropriate alternative to achieve the objectives in a cost-effective manner. Walden has the expertise to effectively and efficiently fulfill your site investigation and remediation needs.

Walden’s Site Investigations and Remediation Services are listed below:

Benefits of Drone Usage on Brownfield Development Programs:

  1. Drones allow for monitoring of impacts and progress of demolition, remediation, and construction phases from a unique vantage point that provide a valuable supplement to the more typical ground level view. 
  2. Drones can be used to perform rapid inspections of pavements, roofing, drainage features, asphalt, stormwater BMPs, and other property characteristics, while utilizing less resources and carrying less risk than traditional methods.
  3. Drone Thermal Imaging can be used to identify leaks, soil issues, moisture issues, and many more discrepancies invisible to a visual inspection.
  4. Drone Photogrammetry allows the imagery captured by the drone to be used to generate detailed 3D models and measurements of physical structures and property. Through these models we can identify slopes, lowest-lying areas, peaks, viewsheds, watersheds, and more.
  5. Where removal or addition of soil/earthwork is involved, drones can accurately calculate 3D volumes for excavations or fill.
  6. Drones can also be used to generate highly impactful photographs and videos that are valuable for agency interactions, property marketing, or communicating with the public.