Technology and Innovation

At the forefront of bringing technology and innovation to our clients and our work.

Walden is proud to use the most advanced technological tools at our disposal to help our clients improve operational efficiencies, productivity, and establish a competitive advantage over other organizations that allows them to provide better goods and services to their clients.

Walden works in close cooperation with clients to build a strategy to overcome their challenges that includes a detailed methodology for performing the work and the problem that they are trying to remedy, equipment that should be used, collection of findings, and presentation of data.

Combining the expertise and creativity of its employees, Walden works to find new opportunities to benefit clients, the communities we serve, and push the industry forward. Innovative thinking helps Walden predict future trends in our markets and keep up with client needs as well as building a culture that champions continuous improvement in all that we do.

The world is evolving quickly. If you do not want to be left behind, you must work with a firm that embraces innovation and technology. Using the newest tools and applying innovative, creative thinking, Walden can help your organization remain relevant, increase productivity, quickly respond to issues, and solve problems in an ever-changing landscape.

An example of Walden’s use of technology is our deployment of drones to help municipalities locate potential pollution in water bodies and detect illicit discharges into local waterway by use of thermal cameras.

Through our continued partnership with Harkin Aerial, Walden has access to the most state-of-the-art equipment for drones and remote sensing. We regularly use this equipment to help our clients address their most difficult challenges.

Walden’s Technology and Innovation Services Are Listed Below: