Industrial Hygiene

Walden has provided expertise to clients in industrial organizations that work with highly hazardous substances to help them develop workplace exposure assessments while providing innovative and effective mechanisms to develop sampling strategies, improve process operations and control methods, and understand applicable standards and regulations related to their work.

Walden’s team regularly delivers strategic guidance on managing a range of topics from combustible dust, sampling and lab analysis, HazCom, LEED, and noise control to fungi and bacteria exposure, plant processes, and risks of exposure to employees.

Our team is skilled at evaluating airborne chemical and dust levels as well as performing noise surveys. Upon completion of those activities, Walden’s staff prepare comprehensive reports that detail findings and make recommendations for actions needed to resolve any discovered problems.

By using a highly collaborative approach that incorporates the complexity of each process, the chemicals to be sampled, and the work involved, Walden assists clients in the review, development, and implementation of best-in-class plans that improve the safety and health of workers through the integration of data into those plans.

Walden provides clients with a thorough systematic review of operations and processes. We start by anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and developing control strategies for occupational risk exposures that help organizations modify their operations to improve worker safety and health. Based on qualitative assessment reviews, relative risk ratings are assigned to help formulate sampling plans and prioritize control plans with defined targets at the corporate, facility, and process levels.

Our highly skilled staff works closely with facility operators to develop engineering control strategies to mitigate exposure risks. These strategies are tailored to specific industrial processes and may include training and maintenance for facility staff.

Walden has a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) on staff in the cases where our clients require these credentials.