Lab Consulting

Walden’s project scientists are highly experienced in the area of lab consulting. We strive to develop and implement innovative field-testing protocols and procedures for municipalities, manufacturers, and industrial clients. We develop Sampling Plans, help identify qualified laboratories, and manage data collection activities. Once field sampling is completed, Walden evaluates test results and prepares reports of findings with recommendations for site closure, additional investigation, or remediation as appropriate.



  • Correlation Studies–Walden’s experienced scientists can design and perform correlation studies in order to determine the relationship between analytical sample results and environmental issues and assist with implementing any required remediation protocols.
  • Quality Assurance Project Plans–A Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) defines the objectives and procedures required to assure the reliability and quality of environmental data studies. The quality of the plan is critical to ensure that the results are scientifically sound and legally defensible. Walden’s experienced scientists can provide detailed QAPPs and technical guidance suited to your specific project needs.
  • Waste Characteristic Sampling–Regulations require wastes generated by industrial processes to be properly handled and disposed of. In addition, waste materials must be characterized for acceptance at appropriate disposal facilities. Waste characterization is required to classify the materials. Walden can provide guidance with waste characteristic sampling planning and interpretation of results.
  • Laboratory and Facility Audits–Walden offers a comprehensive range of auditing services and can perform a detailed assessment of your facility and your contract laboratories. Assessments include the identification of potential environmental regulatory compliance deficiencies, recommendations and guidance for improvements, and development of remediation procedures and processes if required.
  • Evaluation and Validation of Laboratory Results–Walden’s experienced technical professionals can review analytical test reports and evaluate results. We provide recommendations to assist your current needs and requirements. Walden also performs data validation in accordance with standard practices and USEPA guidance to ensure that the analytical laboratory data is usable and that all laboratory protocols have been followed. In addition, Data Usability Summary Reports (DUSR), which provide a thorough evaluation of analytical data with the primary objective of determining whether or not the data, as presented, meets the site/project-specific criteria for data quality and data use, can also be provided.
  • Temporary Lab Director Services–Walden’s staff includes a former Certified Laboratory director who understands laboratory standards, equipment, calibration, quality controls, and recordkeeping. We can assist clients in setting up and improving their laboratory operations.