Contractor Services

Does your construction company have the depth of expertise to perform work on-time, safely, and in
compliance with regulatory requirements?

Running a successful construction company is challenging. The things that an owner needs to know to
help their business grow and prosper are vast. You need to take advantage of every opportunity to
ensure that your business is positioned to bid on and execute work successfully.

Companies that operate in the construction industry have to be mindful of numerous federal, state, and
local regulations that pertain to the work.

It can be confusing, and people who do not deal with regulatory issues on a daily basis may be unsure of
what needs to be done to protect their business–and reputation. Contractors should work with skilled
environmental and engineering consultants like Walden to help them comply with regulations and protect
their interests throughout the project lifecycle.

Construction is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the state and perhaps nationwide. In some
cases, government agencies may even bar your firm from bidding or working on their projects if your
company has received fines or reprimands. That could cause permanent damage to your company.

Additionally, contractors may be asked to perform services on construction projects that they are not
trained for and do not have the personnel to perform. They run the gamut from providing technical
expertise to conducting public outreach. Should you find yourself having to respond to such requirements
and need help, contact a consultant like Walden.

What services can Walden perform for your construction company?

  • Cost Estimating
  • Means and Methods
  • Shop Drawings/As-Builts
  • OSHA Training/Plan Writing
  • Air Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Construction Spoils Management
  • Permitting
  • Water Treatment Plan
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Community Noise Monitoring Plan
  • Vibration Monitoring