Sanitary Sewer

Walden provides a variety of services for the development and upgrade of wastewater systems including but not limited to design collection systems and pumping stations, treatment systems, water quality, water safety, wastewater permitting and many types of water-related compliance concerns every day. Our experience and knowledge makes us the best-equipped team to tackle the most challenging water problems. We are staffed with highly experienced civil and environmental engineers, geologists, and scientists who have the knowledge and skill to help our clients move forward in a cost-effective manner. By hiring Walden, you can increase the confidence that your customers, clients, elected officials and other stakeholders will have in your wastewater operations.



  • Design of Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Compliance Systems
  • Resource Recovery and Waste to Energy
  • Remaining Capacity Studies
  • Failed and Failing Septic System Abatement
  • Nonpoint Pollution Identification and Abatement
  • Grant Writing and Administration
  • Control System Evaluation and Design
  • Condition assessments/audit
  • SSES investigations
  • Inflow/infiltration analysis
  • SSO/CSO evaluation/elimination
  • Sewershed studies
  • Subsurface disposal systems
  • Subsurface utility engineering
  • Sludge treatment and disposal
  • Industrial pretreatment
  • Enhanced nutrient removal upgrades
  • Regulatory strategies and negotiations
  • NPDES permitting