EHS Advisors

Failing to safeguard the health and wellness of employees, the general public, and the environment could result in extensive fines and damaged reputations for organizations whose operations are inherently risky.

Firms that work in industrial/manufacturing and construction must ensure that their processes and procedures are in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations governing such work.

Walden’s EHS Team is staffed with professionals that are experts in the development, execution, oversight, and maintenance of safety programs. When you work with our EHS experts, you will be working with individuals that are laser-focused on improving your organization’s EHS performance by carrying out in-depth audits of your operational procedures, examining Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure the right equipment is being used for each task, investigating incidents and accidents, conducting safety training, and creating Job Hazard Analysis (JHAs).

Our entire EHS Team works in close collaboration with each client regardless of the size or maturity of the operation to ensure that the programs they develop are aligned with organizational goals. The programs Walden’s EHS Team develops are proactive, impactful, scalable, and flexible enough to be altered when conditions change.

Walden helps leaders achieve cultural change in their organization by using data, past performance, and good sense to gain “buy-in” from all levels of the organization. The key to building cultural change is ensuring that staff is focused on continuous improvement of EHS performance. Walden’s team takes the time to explain why this is important and encourages organizations to incorporate employee feedback when building their EHS programs.

Whether your organization is involved in industry or construction, Walden can help you build an EHS program that promotes employee engagement, improves performance, mitigates risk, and positively impacts your bottom line.