How will the proposed NYS DEC Part 360 Regulations effect you?

If you are the owner or customer of Transfer Stations or C&D Facilities in the state of New York, you will be greatly impacted by the new DEC Part 360 Regulations. It has been two decades (24 years) since NYS DEC last made revisions to this rule but with the increased environmental impacts, Governor Cuomo is looking to make significant changes.dumptruck_1

  • C&D Facilities will now have to perform all their receiving, processing and sorting of mixed C&D Debris within an enclosed building.
  • All Transfer Stations currently registered to process over 250 tons/ day of material will now need to obtain a NY State Permit.
  • Any facility that handles Municipal Solid Waste will need to install fixed Radiation Detectors
  • There will be a limit to the pile height of a maximum of 20 ft. (limiting input and output)
  • Work will not be able to be performed any closer than 50 ft. from the perimeter of the property meaning there will be a 66% loss of size.
  • The DEC is accepting Public Comments regarding the rule and how it may affect you until July 15th, 2016.

How Walden can help?

Walden Environmental Engineering has professional engineers educated and experienced in the new Part 360 Ruling. We are environmental professionals who understand the impacts that these regulations will have and can assist you in making sure that your business will continue operating.

Walden can help with the following:

  • Filing for your part 360 Permit within the required time frame- Facilities will have 6 months after approval of the rules to file their application, and to be in compliance with the operating rules in the proposal
  • Maximize your storage and building space
  • Evaluate set back variance to maximize lot area
  • Aid you in public comment
  • Evaluate your site operations

If you would like to review your situation or need assistance in submitting public comments do not hesitate to contact Walden Environmental Engineering at 516-624-7200 or visit our website at: