The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains multiple databases that contain information regarding the compliance of facilities to environmental regulations.  Even though anyone with a computer can search these databases to identify the compliance status of a facility,  to make this task easier, the EPA maintains ENVIROFACTS, a web based one-stop source for environmental information.  The site can be found  here .waldenlogo

Using ENVIROFACTS is simple! Simply enter in the domain name to begin your search. You can enter location information, such as an address, zip code, city, place name, etc.  A map will then be displayed showing the geographical area you selected.  You can narrow or expand the map. If you select the “List and Map Facilities Reporting in This View” button, a new map will be displayed showing all reporting facilities in the view selected, along with a comprehensive list of all the facilities.  The list identifies which compliance program the facility is subject to.

This site also allows the user to explore deeper into each of the facility’s programs and determine their compliance status, granting the user access to submitted reports and inspections of the facilities.  There is also an option to print out the summary or specific reports for your own personal records.

ENVIROFACTS really is the US EPA one-stop source for environmental information. The information provided on the site can be used in many ways. If you are a citizen and have concerns about how a facility is affecting your community, you can find out all you want about the facility in an anonymous way.  In contrast, if you are a facility owner, you can use ENVIRONFACTS to find out if your facility meets EPA compliance standards, and what information about your facility is being made available to the public.

Please give Walden Environmental Engineering a call at (516) 624-7200 if you have any questions about the information presented, or if your facility needs assistance in coming into compliance.