rsz_hazmat2New York City Business Owners: Failure to submit your Community Right-to-Know (RTK) filing on time could get you into some serious hot water. Since fines can run upwards of $5,000 it is clearly in your best interest to comply with the law. If government officials have reason to believe you’re in violation of RTK regulations, your facility may be subject to inspection without prior notice. If you refuse admission should an inspector show up, you could face additional amends. And, if you are found to have made a misrepresentation on your filing, you could be subject to both fines and jail time. Aside from these consequences, you could also suffer further repercussions for failure to submit:

  • Anyone can bring legal action against you for non-compliance.
  • You could be sending up a red flag to employees and customers. If people are worried about the safety of your workplace, it could seriously damage both your internal and public images.
  • You could put yourself on the City’s radar for more stringent monitoring, including unscheduled inspections and other distracting surveillance that could negatively affect your productivity.

Why haven’t you filed?

  • Never in compliance to begin with?
  • New to your position and don’t know what to do?
  • Procrastination?
  • Short-handed or overloaded with “real” work right now?
  • Missing essential information?

The consequences for late filing or failing to file are simply not worth the risk. Remember, a major reason for this law was to make first responders aware or what dangerous substances are on-site in case of an emergency. You could be putting them at risk also! So why take a chance? A professional environmental consultant can help you file accurately–and on time–for full compliance. You may also want to consider working with an environmental engineering firm on a regular basis. Outsourcing important, but not core, responsibilities makes excellent business sense. You can save time, money, headaches and potential legal trouble while concentrating on the essential work of growing your business. Call Walden Environmental Engineering for any questions or advice on Right To Know: 516-624-7200