This is a follow up to our latest blog on the new NYS DEC Part 360 Rules: Proposed NYS DEC Solid Waste Facility Regulations to Affect Transfer Stations.

The NYS DEC has proposed major revisions to the Part 360 Solid Waste Regulations that will have a huge impact on ALL Transfer Stations in which ‘grandfather’ provisions will be very limited.pt360_1

  • All fill material transfer stations currently registered to process over 250 tons/day of material will now need to obtain a NY State Permit.
  • C&D Facilities will now have to perform all their receiving, processing, and sorting of mixed C&D debris within an enclosed building.
  • The Part 360 ruling will be limiting the pile height to a maximum of 20 ft. as well as restricting work from being done no closer than 50 ft. from the perimeter of the property (66% loss of size)
  • Facilities will have 6 months after approval of the rules to file their application, and to be in compliance with the operating rules in the proposal.
  • New requirements for tracking documents and for handling historic fill.

Currently, the ruling is in the public comment period meaning companies who will be greatly impacted by these possible changes have the ability to submit their input and case about the proposed legislation to or by mail to:

Melissa Treers, P.E,
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Materials Management
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-7260

This Public Comment Period will be ending on July 15th, 2016!

Considering that this ruling will be affecting all transfer stations in New York State, it is crucial that companies submit comments before the period ends in order to make a stand against these regulations to hopefully ensure that businesses will be able to continue operating.

If you would like to review your situation or need assistance in submitting public comments do not hesitate to contact Walden Environmental Engineering at 516-624-7200 or visit our web site at:

To find out more information about the proposed regulations, the text of the proposal, and a summary of the rules visit the DEC web site at: