Underground Injection Control Consent Order Compliance Services

Underground Injection Control Consent Order Compliance Services. Walden has conducted detailed, long-term negotiations with USEPA Region II related to finalizing the terms and conditions of the underground injection control (UIC) consent order for the Town since the consent order was issued in 1998. Walden took preliminary steps to establish good faith with USEPA and develop a cost-effective program to address the Town’s UIC issues.

Walden prepared site-specific UIC investigation/closure plans, conducted public meetings, and developed detailed site drawings for storm water, sanitary, industrial and combined drainage structures based on as-built drainage construction details, facility personnel interviews, dye and slug tests, and detailed physical inspections of the municipal facilities. A questionnaire was circulated to all facilities throughout the Town to identify additional facilities likely to be subject to UIC violations. Site plans for these facilities were gathered and reviewed to develop overall cost estimates for the required project work. Walden has coordinated drainage structure cleanup, sampling and closure in accordance with UIC regulations at many Town facilities.

Walden determined that numerous suspected subsurface drainage structures discharged into the surface water drainage system or directly to surface water. Although the UIC regulations do not apply to these structures, Walden added these interconnected systems to the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans or SPDES permits for the facilities.

This project is ongoing and is being coordinated with USEPA and the Nassau County Department of Health.


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August 13, 2019