High School Athletic Fields Renovation/ Construction Management Project

High School Athletic Field Renovation/ Construction Management Project, Beach Channel, NY. Walden worked closely with the construction contractor on this major NYC School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) project completed in 2016 during which the existing baseball and softball fields at Beach Channel High School were renovated and repaired. The project involved removing the existing turf, substrate (including the material from the root-zone area), irrigation system, concrete curbs, asphalt and concrete pavement. The project also included excavation for new construction, fill and backfill as required, installation of site drainage, re-grading, and resurfacing of all pavement and pedestrian walkways.

Walden prepared the Excavated Materials Disposal Plan (EMDP) describing procedures for the analytical sampling, characterization, excavation, management, transportation and disposal of material excavated at the site during the project. Much of the excavated fill had been characterized as urban fill and was managed as such. The EMDP also included a Health and Safety Plan (HASP) and Community Air Monitoring Program (CAMP). The EDMP was approved by the NYCSCA and project construction commenced in August 2016. Walden provided the necessary environmental consulting and air monitoring services, and certified Erosion & Sediment Control (E&SC) inspectors to perform SPDES inspections during construction activities in accordance with the project-specific SPDES Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Materials consisting of soil, fine sand, and material from the root-zone area, were stockpiled depending on the type and origin of the excavated material and the purpose of the characterization sampling. Characterization sampling of the stockpiled material was performed at the frequencies specified in the EMDP. The samples were analyzed for all parameters specified by the NYCSCA and the laboratory results were compared to the cleanup levels set forth in NYSDEC CP-51: Soil Cleanup Guidance Supplemental Soil Cleanup Objectives and DER-10 Technical Guidance for Site Investigation and Remediation. Site construction activities were completed in November 2016.


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August 13, 2019