Drainage, Roadway, Bulkhead Design, and Securing Grant Funding, Village of Island Park, NY

Drainage, Roadway, Bulkhead Design, and Securing Grant Funding. Walden secured more than $1.5 million in outside grant money for the Village to make infrastructure improvements including: stormwater collection system upgrades, bulkhead replacements, sanitary sewer lining, and road reconstruction. Walden modified the Village Fee and Deposit Law to include reimbursement for the application review fee to be paid by the applicant. After securing grant funding from Nassau County, Walden worked with the Village to identify improvements to be made to the stormwater management system including the installation of catch basin insert and hydrodynamic separators to reduce the load of litter, oil and grease to the storm sewers that discharge to the surface waters surrounding this short community. Walden inventoried and mapped all stormwater collection and catch basins, piping and outfalls within the Village and mapped these structures and their conditions in the Village GIS.

Walden also prepared a detailed pavement conditions survey to assist the Village in prioritizing and budgeting for road improvements. Road conditions in the Village were mapped in a GIS system which Walden developed with state grant monies. After completing the road conditions survey, Walden designed, bid and oversaw the implementation of a $450,000 road resurfacing and concrete work project adjacent to the local elementary school.

In conjunction with Ocean Consulting, Walden prepared the design drawings, specifications and bid documents for a bulkhead replacement project, and the Joint Application to the NYSDEC and Army Corps of Engineers. This project is currently on hold due to Village funding constraints following Hurricane Sandy.


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October 12, 2018