Tank Registration and Compliance

A national printing company has operated a facility in Suffolk County, New York for a number of years.  In 2018, the Suffolk County Health Department arrived at the facility and conducted a surprise inspection to evaluate the facility’s compliance with the Article 12 – Suffolk County Sanitary Code: Toxic and Hazardous Materials Storage and Handling regulations.  The County inspector found a number of chemical storage violations that required attention.

The printing company retained Walden to resolve the facility’s violations and ensure they were in full compliance.  Walden’s professional relationship with the Suffolk County Health Department and its staff enabled us to work through the compliance issues and advocate for our client to help them move forward with confidence and ensure their facility maintains ongoing compliance.

Walden performed a comprehensive facility inspection and diagnosed the problems noted by the Suffolk County inspector, plus several additional chemical storage compliance issues that had not been identified.  The client was able to address these issues before they were picked up on a final inspection by Suffolk County, saving the client time and money.  Walden prepared detailed design drawings and proposed a number of chemical storage modifications, which were then filed with Suffolk County Health Department, with the aim to get a Permit to Construct.  Walden negotiated a compliance schedule with Suffolk County which allowed the client to make the required changes over time and ensure they remained within their spending budgets. Walden continues to provide ongoing advice and technical expertise to the client to ensure they maintain compliance during any future chemical storage changes at the facility.


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February 10, 2021