Ongoing Municipal Consolidation Efforts

Walden is leading an effort to consolidate their utility services in many ways to reduce costs, increase services in many ways to reduce costs, increase service levels, and lower the utility bill for residents and customers of the Utilities. As part of this effort, Walden prepared a grant application to obtain funding that would allow the development of alternative solutions for a failing sewer plant– including the cooperative regionalization of a Town owned sewer utility with a nearby treatment provider. This would decommission the failing treatment works by consolidating flows to the nearby sewer plant.  Nearby areas with failed or failing septic systems will also be identified for consideration of providing sanitary sewer service.

Walden had to navigate through application requirements to prepare a comprehensive, detailed, and appealing application that shed light on joint efforts of the Town and the Village to make the regionalization a reality. Walden researched how to best tie in important factors that make funding the project a priority in the eyes of the State such as outlining how the project has a positive impact on water quality and the economic stability of the area. We partnered with local agencies to seek approval for the work done. This included initial discussions with both parties to establish common goals and definitive project scope. Walden drafted letters of recommendation from different individuals such as the mayor of the Village and representatives of the economic development community. We also assembled a budget and a timeline for the project that fit the grant requirements and the financial constraints of the Town.

Walden has previously prepared this kind of application for the Town on a different project that has successfully received funding. The application for funding this project is currently underway. Walden will continue to work with the Town to ensure regulatory compliance is met and that the community’s failing septic systems are addressed with appropriate solutions that consider the financial constraints of the Town and uphold the best engineering practices.


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March 23, 2021