Fueling System Installation

This Town had many sites for vehicle fueling, but none in an accessible central location that allowed all types of vehicles to be filled at the same time.  A complete fueling system was requested that enabled cars and trucks to be fueled concurrently under a large canopy that would protect users from inclement weather.

Walden considered all of the requested site features and began our design accordingly.  In addition to the above, the design had to consider how to manage stormwater that would enter the site from the street during heavy rainfalls. Natural gas fueling for the Town’s natural gas vehicles was also included. Walden also included a Fuel Management system to enable the Town to manage and track their fueling needs and use respectively.

Walden completed all design drawings to current regulations, attained a permit to construct from the Nassau County Department of Health and Nassau County Fire Marshal, created bid documents, assisted with the bidding process, and then supervised the entire construction process

Walden effectively managed all aspects of the project, and the final product speaks for itself.  Constructed in 2011, this fueling site remains in pristine condition and is used as the main fueling facility for the Town.  Walden continues to perform NYSDEC Class A/B inspections on the underground fuel tanks at the site and manages the ongoing compliance with regulations.  The personalized service and ongoing relationship that Walden has forged with our client gives them the confidence to know that Walden’s expertise can be relied upon for any project needs.


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February 9, 2021