The NYCDEP has recently amended its rules (15 RCNY Chapter 38) regarding control devices on emissions generated by wood fired cook stoves. The regulation took effect on May 24th 2017. The new regulation applies to any wood fired or anthracite coal fired stove within this time frame:

  • Existing cook stoves (installed before May 6, 2016) must comply with this new rule for emission control by January 1, 2020;
  • New cook stoves (installed on or after May 6, 2016) must comply with this new regulation for emission device upon startup.

NYC DEP cook-stove requirements include:

  1. Cook stoves must be equipped with an emission control device with specific emission reduction rate depending on the type of device (wet scrubber, electrostatic precipitator or air filtration device).
  2. Compliance with NYC Construction Code and NYC Fire Code.
  3. Testing of Particulates Matter (PM) emission must be performed on an emission control device, either field testing or laboratory testing.
  4. Reporting: Test results must be submitted to DEP, stating that the testing on the emission control device has been performed in accordance with the recently NYCDEP adopted regulation 15 RCNY Chapter 38.
  5. Maintenance: Any emission control device must be maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s specification and must be inspected and cleaned at least once every 3 months by a person holding a FDNY Certificate of Fitness for commercial cooking system and precipitator cleaning.
  6. Recordkeeping. The following records must be maintained to show compliance with the provisions of this new regulation :
    • Date of installation and replacement of any emission control device
    • Maintenance of the emission control device, including repairs and cleaning

Walden Environmental Engineering provides a variety of services related to air compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations. Walden can assist you on achieving compliance with installation, testing and recordkeeping requirements for the emission control device on your cook stove as per the new regulations.

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