New York Environmental Consulting FirmsYou might be tempted to believe that all New York environmental consulting firms are essentially the same. But that’s not the case.

New York environmental consulting firms can vary as much as the work they do, so it’s important to find the right match. Pick the firm that has outstanding capabilities and characteristics in the areas most meaningful to you, and you’ll get outstanding results.  Also check out the 3 keys to finding the right environmental consulting firm.

What makes Walden Associates stand out?

It doesn’t matter how large and complex your project is, or whether you’re a big public entity or an individual private property owner – you still want and deserve personalized treatment and meticulous attention to detail. At Walden, every job is equally important.  Learn more about our environmental consulting.

That operating philosophy, coupled with on-the-ground expertise, means you get a working partner you can count on and appreciate working with. A firm that keeps your best interests in mind.

Seasoned professionals.

You’d expect New York environmental consulting firms to employ professionally competent staff. Walden’s people are exceptionally well-trained and have extensive first-hand experience working with industrial clients, law firms, insurance companies, financial institutions, municipalities and government agencies throughout New York and the region.

Walden is a well-established firm, offering a full range of environmental and civil engineering services and consulting. They understand what you do and how you do it, whether you own an automotive business or a manufacturing operation, whether you’re responsible for managing a commercial building, a nursing home, a utility or a public facility.

That puts them in the best position to help you achieve solutions that are individually tailored to be both effective and cost-effective.

Unstintingly top quality work.

Walden’s environmental scientists always uphold the highest standards, so you get work that’s done right. No mistakes. No sacrifices or short-cuts that could bite you later on.

They can assist with any scope of work, from reviewing documents and data and offering an opinion to performing exhaustive site investigations, developing detailed remediation plans and overseeing implementation. They’ll go above and beyond, helping you uncover ways to improve the safety or efficiency of your entire operation.

That includes helping you avoid compliance problems. Monitoring and reporting are crucial, and if you don’t have all your bases covered, you could get into trouble. Simplified procedures customized for your operation keep you on the right side of regulation.

In fact, Walden takes tremendous pride in their in-depth understanding of federal, state and local environmental requirements. It’s the kind of familiarity that comes from day-to-day practical experience.

Superior client relationships.

Not many New York environmental consulting firms are as client-focused as Walden. Not every firm guarantees personalized project management by a company principal. Or quick response whenever you need something or have questions. Not every firm has people you’ll feel comfortable to work with, whether you’re another science professional, an owner or operator, an attorney, banker or government staffer.

Walden focuses on streamlining and coordinating efforts, working hand-in-hand with you to keep costs down. They begin each project by identifying your goals and creating a strategic plan and implementation details to achieve those goals while also minding your budget.

No wasteful expense for over-the-top field work and data gathering, no prolonged studies, just the kind of innovative engineering and creative thinking that makes best use of your existing facilities, personnel and environmental database software, if you have that. Walden is thorough but sensible. And they charge fair and reasonable fees.

Superior regulatory relationships. 

The regulatory framework that governs facility operations is certainly complex. Thankfully, Walden enjoys excellent working relationships with regulatory staff and other officials, because they understand the intricacies and the ramifications of those regulations. That’s credibility that makes Walden a true standout among New York environmental consulting firms.

Walden Associates wants to be your partner. You’ll get outstanding expertise, from people you can trust. The kind of people you’ll look forward to working with, for a single project or for years to come.