tank1Recent New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) revisions to the PBS and CBS regulations have resulted in the DEC issuing DER-40, Operator Training.  This program policy summarizes the requirements for training Underground Storage Tank (UST) operators as required by the State and Federal regulations.

Some specific provisions are:

  • Establishes Class A and B operators who have primary and day-to-day responsibility, respectively, for UST systems. The operators must be identified in the facility registration.  To become a Class A or B operator, a person must pass a required exam.
  • DEC has developed the required certification exam for Class A and B operators, which can be taken online or in person. The DER-40 includes detailed guidance on the exam administration process.
  • Class C operators are responsible for responding in an emergency, and can be trained and tested under the direction of an authorized Class A or B operator. The training must be documented.
  • If a facility is found to be in significant noncompliance, DEC will require the Class A or B operator to be reauthorized or replaced.
  • DEC has issued a Training Guide for Class A and B UST Operators which provides an overview of the UST operator certification to help prepare individuals to take the Class A/B exams.
  • The program policy and training guide can be found on DEC’s website at: www.dec.ny.gov/regulations/2387.html.

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