Owners of construction companies know that meeting contractual obligations on projects can be arduous. You don’t have to go it alone though, having a knowledgeable consultant in your corner can help your company operate more efficiently. Some of the areas in which a consultant can help you are listed below.

OSHA Training, Plan Writing, and Field Oversight

To ensure the safety and well-being of every worker on every site, numerous governing bodies have developed practices and procedures for contractors to follow, from OSHA to the NYS Department of Labor (NYSDOL) and the NYC Department of Buildings (NYC DOB). Because Walden has a strong commitment to worker safety, we have Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) on staff that can help you ensure that your firm is meeting its obligations to safety.


Air Monitoring – CAMP

A Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP) is required when construction work may cause harmful substances to become airborne and ultimately impact workers or residents in the community. Monitoring of dust and other fine particles during excavation might be required to determine the necessity of a CAMP, especially if the site is located in a densely populated area. A site’s contaminant profile will determine what the CAMP must measure and how. These measures help to maintain safety, comply with regulations, and reduce potential liability issues for all parties.



Some areas of NYC and New York State struggle with legacy contamination at various levels. Walden can assist contractors by performing soil characterization studies, groundwater sampling, air monitoring, and other tests to determine if there is a reason for concern. Failure to comply with regulations could result in costly fines. Walden can also help provide guidance on beneficial reuse of material or accurate contamination delineation.


Environmental Monitors

Sometimes, clients may require contractors to hire an environmental monitor. Those in this role act as a liaison on behalf of the contractor between the field team, the client, and the community. Environmental monitors perform a variety of activities in accordance with the contract requirements. They measure the impact that construction is having on the surrounding environment and communities.


Reports are prepared to document monitoring results and observations recorded during inspections. Monitors will often be required in highly populated areas. In those cases, independent contractors may wish to rely upon the services of consultants that regularly perform this work.


When trying to grow a construction business, consultants like Walden can deliver by providing contractors the direction and expertise that they need to fulfill all of their obligations.


“Many construction companies have turned to Walden for sound advice and expertise on a myriad of issues related to project management. Smaller firms often need guidance when working around the complex rules and regulations of construction sites, and that’s where Walden comes in.”

– Joseph Burden


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This is the second part of our Contractors’ Guide series, more to come!