Diesel Fuel StorageDid you know that diesel fuel can decompose? Proper practices can prevent this from happening.

Problem: Fuel Degradation 

What is fuel degradation?
Fuel degradation is when the components of diesel fuel decompose into byproducts.

Why is this a problem?
After a month of storage, roughly one quarter of the diesel fuel will have decomposed. The lowered purity of the fuel can decrease engine efficiency. Additionally, the solidified byproducts of decomposition can clog filters and engine parts.

How can I tell if my fuel has degraded?
Fuel darkens as it oxidizes and degrades. If your diesel fuel is dark and hazy, this is indicative of advanced stage fuel degradation.

How do I deal with or avoid this issue?
Minimize the storage time of your fuel. Monitor your usage and plan ahead so that the fuel is never sitting in storage for more than a month. You may also want to consider stabilizing additives which can be used to lengthen the viability time of your diesel fuel. For bulk deliveries, make sure to develop a contractual agreement with your supplier regarding the quality of the fuel.