What is Direct Push Drilling?

Subsurface investigations can be an essential component of environmental site assessments.  Direct-push drilling, commonly referenced in the industry as Geoprobing, has many applications in subsurface investigations, including the installation of soil borings. Soil borings by direct-push drilling entail the advancement of drilling equipment or tooling to a targeted depth below the ground surface, typically with hollow steel rods lined with plastic sleeves. This technique allows for continuous soil sampling, which provides a vertical geological profile throughout the boring and enables screening of the soil for evidence of contamination and the collection of discrete samples for laboratory analysis.

If groundwater evaluation is warranted, groundwater samples can be obtained directly from a soil boring which extends below the water table, or borings can be converted into monitoring wells for repeated sampling and the determination of groundwater elevation and flow.  These data are utilized to understand the nature and extent of environmental impacts at a site, and can ultimately be used to develop a remediation strategy if necessary.

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