Smoke Testing

Walden Environmental Engineering performs on-site visible emissions testing, also known as opacity testing or smoke testing, in accordance with 40 CFR Part 60 Appendix A-4 Method 9. Walden’s team of certified observers have experience providing smoke testing and the necessary regulatory documentation to various clients throughout Long Island, New York City, and the Hudson Valley.


Smoke testing is a requirement for the registration of every generator in the New York City Area with an output of 40 kW or more, including portable and emergency generators.

Newly installed generators must prove initial compliance through an opacity test within 60 days of achieving maximum production rate but no later than 180 days from facility startup. Smoke testing is also required during the generator registration renewal process.

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Transfer Stations

Within New York City, the Department of Sanitation New York regulates visible emissions from equipment used at transfer stations, areas where material such as construction and demolition debris, fill material, and putrescible waste is delivered, sorted, and carted off-site. Transfer stations within the city must complete smoke testing as part of their yearly permit renewal process.

Other Industries

Various industrial processes also require periodic smoke testing, as stipulated in the facility’s State Facility Permit or Title V Air Permit issued by NewYork State Department of Environmental Conservation. The frequency of testing is site-specific and is dependent on the conditions of the permit.

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