Environmental-Database-Management-System-OrganizedEngineers, geologists and hydrogeologists simply have to be well-organized.  You’re handling massive amounts of data that has to be recorded, analyzed, compared and reported in any number of different formats. Everything has to be filed for easy access as well as long-term safe-keeping.

An environmental database management system (EDMS) is essentially a centrally located electronic file storage unit with virtually unlimited capacity for expansion.  But unlike traditional physical filing systems, the electronic nature of an EDMS makes data immediately accessible by anyone who needs it, regardless of where they’re located.

And with an environmental database management system, storage is just the beginning.  It also supports project management, data analysis and evaluation of solutions options.  Here are some ways an EDMS can help you stay organized:

  • It functions as a storage and resource library that houses both historical and incoming data.  Once historical data is entered it’s available to anyone, forever.  And newly acquired field data can be automatically uploaded, electronically, so it’s available right away.
  • Chances are you’re juggling multiple projects and your colleagues are located at multiple (perhaps even far-flung) sites.  And different users need different information for different purposes.  An EDMS allows you to use and share files simultaneously. Anyone can instantly retrieve existing reports or create new ones.
  • Information is always right at your fingertips. An EDMS allows easy, quick access to information.
  • An environmental database management system streamlines work processes, helping you achieve more effective time management.  You don’t have to hunt down what you need.  You won’t inadvertently overlook or miss important data because it’s out of place or in someone else’s hands.
  • An uncluttered working environment helps you think more clearly and focus on the most important activities, so you can work more productively and get your work done faster.
  • Whether you’re working in a commercial or public agency environment, you’re better able to serve potential clients or your own constituents if you’re efficiently organized.  You’ll be fully prepared and poised for action, regardless of the impending scope of work.
  • An EDMS even helps keep your budget organized, by reducing wasted time and making the best use of limited resources.  And you won’t have to pay for hard-copy filing supplies or constantly-growing need for physical file cabinets and storage space.

Especially when you’re working with scientific data and the resulting complex reports, staying organized is critical.  Effective organization helps you produce a better work product.  And it can save you time, money and — some days — even your sanity.

An environmental database management system can help you create efficiencies and manage your work in ways you never thought possible.