record-of-decisionThe key to designing any successful groundwater remediation plan is obtaining maximum information through all stages of the project, from the initial investigation to assembly and evaluation of potential remediation alternatives. An environmental database management system facilitates the entire process and even helps you assess your options.

Results are only as good as your data.

With an EDMS, everything is digital. You can gather, upload and store any amount of project-specific data for even the largest, most complex projects. Beyond that, you can  access historical data and past remedial resolution details, using previously-determined  findings to avoid duplication of effort and ensure you’re able to identify and fully consider every possible groundwater remediation alternative.

An EDMS brings intelligent capabilities to your efforts. It takes tedious data entry out of human hands to assure greater speed and accuracy. Better yet, it automatically converts data as necessary for consistency and performs calculations to help evaluate prospective groundwater remediation solutions and estimate costs.

It will alert you when data exceeds specified parameters. And you can pose detailed queries and get instant results, enabling the most in-depth study of corrective options.

Understanding the character and extent of groundwater contamination is the essential first step in developing a remediation plan that works. One of the most valuable features of an EDMS is its ability to provide visualizations in a wide variety of dimensional and modeling formats. Everyone associated with a groundwater remediation project can easily and clearly see the problems, above or below the surface, on-site or on adjacent property.

Work gets done more efficiently.

Let’s face it – groundwater remediation is a highly detailed process that brings together lots of players, both science-based and non-technical. Collaboration is critical, and time is money, so efficiency is doubly important. With an EDMS, everything is available to everyone, at any time, regardless of their location. Each team member can quickly locate and retrieve information they need, in a format that works for them.

An EDMS strengthens and streamlines processes from beginning to end. That ensures you’ll be able to develop the strongest groundwater remediation solutions and implementation plans that can be completed as quickly as possible.