The NYSDEC’s recently released updated solid waste regulations, 6 NYCRR Part 360 include a stipulation for currently registered transfer stations that receive more than 500 tons per day of soil, sand, gravel, or rock to obtain a permit for continued operations. The transfer station permit application is more involved than the registration process.

The deadline to submit C&D transfer station permit applications is May 3rd 2019, 545 days after the effective date of the new Part 360 Rule. Typically, a transfer station permit will be valid for 5 years.


Transfer station permit applications include the following:
Facility site plans detailing the facility’s layout and location with distinctions for wetland, flood zones, water bodies, wells, public areas and residences within 800 feet of the property lines. The site plan will also depict the site’s topography and storm water drainage.

-An engineering report describing the material processing to take place on-site, all involved machinery and structures, and the plans for processing and storing waste material. A noise assessment is also required, which could necessitate a noise monitoring and control plan.

-A waste control plan that presents the expected amounts of waste to be processed or stored on-site, the designated locations for various wastes and their associated activities, and a method of segregating and disposing of unauthorized waste. If the recycling occurs on-site, further descriptions of the recycling process and the end condition of the recycled product is required.

-An operations and maintenance plan that outlines the startup and shut down of site activities, the expected time on site for wastes, and a backup procedure if waste cannot be accepted at the facility. This plan will also describe expected traffic patterns caused by the facility’s operations and a weekly schedule of operations.

-A training plan delegating responsibilities of site personnel to train employees on procedures for equipment usage, emergency response, and general operating procedures.

-A timely emergency response plan to be followed in the event of a fire, explosion, natural disaster or chemical spill.

-A closure plan specifying the decommissioning actions necessary to ensure regulatory compliance during facility closure.

With experience in permitting Construction and Demolition Debris Handling and Recovery Facilities and active involvement in the Part 360 Rule changes, Walden Environmental Engineering is pleased to announce that we offer transfer station permitting services. Give our team of professional engineers, geologists, and scientists a call today at (516) 624-7200 to discuss how the new set of solid waste regulations will impact your facility and read our other posts about the Part 360 Rule Change.