environmental-database-management-systems-5-valuesAn environmental database management system is an investment in technology that can bring untold ROI for anyone working publicly or privately in environmental health and protection. Here are five ways an EDMS can bring real value to your operation:


You can get more done faster using an environmental database management system. Sort and evaluate tremendous volumes of data, pose detailed queries and get immediate results. An EDMS can automatically detect anomalies or unusual variances in data sets. And it’s entirely customizable to suit specific needs of any firm, agency or project.


24/7 access to information, reports, etc. — from anywhere, by anyone on your team – facilitates better collaboration. You’ll get better results. You can automatically upload and retrieve data from the field and get reports anyone can understand, especially when it comes to visualizations, mapping, etc.

Project management.

Stay organized, no matter how many projects you’re juggling or how widespread they are. An electronic database management system stores project data and also helps you build archives for future reference.

Using an EDMS eliminates wasting skilled staff time on ponderous, tedious clerical tasks and simple math, instead giving you a technology partner to help with clerical work and analysis, too. Your highly trained professional staff can focus on using their training, experience and insight to generate top results.


An EDMS helps eliminate human error typically associated with work such as data entry.  Because an EDMS can house virtually unlimited amounts of records and other information, you’ll always have everything you need to quickly and confidently meet regulatory requirements and reporting criteria.


Incorporating an electronic database management system can actually save you money as well as time and human resources. All-around ROI is something any manager can appreciate.

Acquiring an environmental database management system could well be the smartest business decision your company or agency makes this year. Your workflow will be streamlined and more productive, and you’ll be equipped to make better decisions. Once you start using your EDMS, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.