410698265_5eb6b800b9A fuel management system provides high-tech electronic monitoring that can streamline your operations, no matter how large or small your business, how many locations you manage, or whether you use liquid or gaseous fuel. Particularly when used in conjunction with FuelMaster’s Automotive Information Module (AIM2) or similar device, a fuel management system can provide truly outstanding functional improvements.

Any operation that manages fleets or tanks should seriously investigate the benefits, as they can accrue quickly and provide substantial year-in-and-year-out savings. Here are the top five reasons you need a fuel management system:

(Re)gain control over your fuel assets.

Mysterious losses are expensive, which means security is critical. The right fuel management system virtually eliminates waste, misallocation, incorrect dispensing and outright theft. You can confidently stay in compliance with government regulations or public oversight.

Increase productivity.

You can achieve human efficiencies using a fuel management system, with drivers, fuelers and other crew members spending less time on fueling activities. And you can achieve fleet-related efficiencies, too. More timely maintenance improves performance and extends vehicle life, and the additional driver and vehicle performance data available will help you detect opportunities to reduce wasteful behaviors such as prolonged idle time.

Increase accuracy.  

You’ll get reliable and consistent odometer readings, thanks to automated information capture that eliminates human error and miscommunication. Systems with AIM2 provide an entirely hands-free function.

Make more intelligent decisions.

Real-time data gathering and storage enables broader and more precise tracking and analysis. That means you can make better-informed decisions for budgeting and planning, reporting and tax accounting.

Save money.

All these benefits can add up to tremendous savings, from lower labor costs to reduced overall waste. And typically, a fuel management system will pay for itself in surprisingly short time.

If you’re like most fleet operators – public or private — fuel costs represent a major portion of your expenses. Investing in a fuel management system can generate savings per vehicle, per year, that are sure to bring a smile of relief to your bottom line.

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