The Advantages of Outsourcing Environmental Health and Safety: Streamlining Compliance and Efficiency

by | Apr 25, 2024

Can you afford to outsource EHS services for your company?

The more accurate question is, how can you afford not to? Outsourcing EHS services does not mean ceding control of the process to an outside entity. Far from it. Rather, it means hiring experts to augment your in-house capabilities and help your organization achieve zero incidents, accidents, or recordables. Employee morale, reduced insurance costs, and public perception are some concerns that are tied to your company’s safety performance.

A recent study in 2023 performed by Focus Network found that 97% of workplaces in America are susceptible to environmental health and safety (EHS) risks and are not prepared to mitigate those dangers. The study reported that some direct causes are the inability to capture or understand data, the lack of engagement with staff, and low or non-existent resources. Outsourcing EHS functions is often disregarded but is a great option for those companies that have trouble internally managing their health and safety programs and need to provide measurable evidence to management of the value in improving safety.

In addition to helping companies overcome the obstacles previously listed, there are many advantages of outsourcing EHS. EHS consultants are very familiar with local and federal regulations and can help facilities maintain or achieve compliance, as well as correctly and efficiently report any non-compliance concerns. Additionally, consultants are often qualified to conduct training for employees, such as waste management, lockout tagout, CPR/First aid, and more. This makes it very easy for employers to train their staff in a short amount of time and improve employee engagement with health and safety. Other benefits include conducting inspections and data analysis, maintaining documentation, and creating safety programs. All of this is aimed at helping the company stay organized, compliant, and safe.

Environmental health and safety is commonly described as an “umbrella”–as in EHS–because it encompasses several elements and is typically very difficult for one person to handle while also managing a business. The complexity of all three functions can overwhelm some businesses and cause them to defer attending to EHS matters, which increases safety risks, decreases production and employee morale, and could even cause legal liability. Outsourcing is a great way to avoid these unfortunate circumstances while allowing companies to focus on their core operations.


What should you look for in an EHS consultant to improve EHS performance at your company?

A good EHS consultant recognizes that no two facilities are the same. This is not just because of what they do, where they do it, and how they do it but also because different companies are at different stages of maturity in their EHS efforts.

An experienced EHS consultant will work closely with their client to create programs, processes, and solutions tailored to each facility or company’s individual needs and concerns.

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