Wastewater Treatment Plant Design, Defense Facility, Suffolk County, New York 

Walden’s Principal designed a tertiary domestic wastewater treatment facility designed to handle daily sanitary wastewater flow from 4,800 employees at this defense plant.  Process equipment included a screening system, aerated flow equalization tank, extended aeration treatment tank, secondary clarifier, nitrification filters, chlorine contact chamber, subsurface leaching facilities, aerated sludge holding tank, influent pumping station, equipment building, and explosion proof chemical storage facility.  Work involved design of pumping systems, aeration systems, chemical feed systems, emergency generator system and layout of office, electrical, and mechanical and laboratory rooms.  Walden prepared design drawings (finished set 28 sheets), equipment specifications, contract documents, project cost estimates, and construction schedules.  Piping, pressure and headloss calculations were made to size pumping and chemical feed systems and centrifugal blowers for air supply to process equipment.  Walden assisted in project management during facility construction, including reviewing shop drawing submittals, coordinating with electrical and mechanical contractors, and site visits to coordinate construction efforts at critical stages during construction.  A leaching facility was sized to dispose of treated water.  Walden prepared a SPDES permit application and detailed design report including cost estimates and ensured compliance with NYSDEC and SCDHS requirements. This project was conducted over a period of 18 months.


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July 13, 2021