The USEPA and NYSDEC conducted comprehensive Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) inspections at vehicle maintenance, salt storage, petroleum, and chemical storage facilities in March 2013. In preparation for the scheduled USEPA/NYSDEC inspections, Walden completed MS4 compliance evaluations at the Town’s facilities to identify compliance issues and recommend actions to comply with MS4 requirements and best management practices (BMPs) in order to avoid potential violations. Walden coordinated with the Town’s on-call Tank and UIC contractors to complete cleanup work in advance of the USEPA/NYSDEC inspections.

Walden coordinated the MS4 inspections with USEPA, NYSDEC, and the Town, and Walden staff accompanied each team assigned to inspect the various facilities. Walden developed recommendations to improve MS4 compliance and simplify the Town’s MS4 program’s administration based on USEPA and NYSDEC comments during the inspections. The recommendations considered the Town’s operations and on-going environmental projects to maximize the benefits associated with implementing such measures.

USEPA and NYSDEC conducted follow-up MS4 inspections of the Town’s outfalls in April and June 2013 in an attempt to identify illicit discharges that might be a factor in local clam bed closures. Walden coordinated these inspections with USEPA, NYSDEC, and the Town’s Engineering Department, and the Department of Conservation and Waterways. The inspectors were divided into groups, each consisting of representatives from USEPA/NYSDEC, the Town, and Walden, to inspect outfalls in different quadrants. Teams on land and boats supplied by the Department of Conservation and Waterways inspected the condition of the outfalls and upland drainage structures. No evidence of illicit discharges was found.