Fema Claims Support, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Drainage System Improvements, and Municipal Engineering Services Projects

Walden has worked with a local Village on the South Shore of Long Island for many years, serving as the Village Engineer since 2007.  In this role, Walden has provided a wide range of environmental and municipal engineering services to the Village and has helped plan and budget for future project needs.  In recent years, Walden’s services to the Village have focused on helping the community recover from the destruction caused by Superstorm Sandy.  We have helped the Village recover funds through the FEMA Public Assistance program and managed Phase I of a $40 million Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Village-wide drainage system improvements project, which will ultimately incorporate some of the engineering concepts developed by Walden in the early stages of our relationship with the Village, providing a range of alternatives to reduce flooding in the areas of highest risk to minimize damage and ensure rapid recovery in the wake of future severe weather events.

The following Village projects demonstrate Walden’s experience in performing tasks directly related to grant management services:

FEMA Claims Assistance

  • Provided on-site assistance in compiling the documentation needed to support the FEMA Public Assistance claims for storm damage repairs and recovery
  • Coordinated with FEMA and the Village to prepare the FEMA Project Worksheet claims to recover debris removal, emergency protective measures and facility rehabilitation costs
  • Responded to FEMA requests for information in a timely manner to expedite reimbursement

Mitigation Project Grant Applications

  • Investigated other grant funding opportunities to maximize funding for storm recovery and resiliency efforts
  • Developed cost estimates and submitted Letters of Intent for hazard mitigation projects to be considered for funding under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), including replacing bulkheads, installing emergency generators, and rebuilding municipal offices

$40 Million HMGP Drainage Improvements Study

  • Managed a comprehensive drainage study and developed a drainage infrastructure upgrade plan in Phase I of this HMGP funded project to mitigate flooding and reduce property damage throughout the Village
  • Evaluated existing information related to the drainage system and elevations of Village properties
  • Maximized use of information generated by the Village and GOSR during development of the NY Rising Community Reconstruction Plan to avoid redundant data collection
  • Conducted a drainage system infrastructure inventory to collect information on the layout, elevations and condition of drainage structures throughout the Village
  • Designed a containment/settling area approved by NYSDEC to manage residuals removed from the drainage system during cleaning, allowing the Village to discharge water back into the stormwater system, maximize cleaning efforts and minimize the cost and time associated with off-site disposal
  • Developed a GIS database to manage the field data and prepared mapping to depict the data and support alternatives development and modeling to evaluate the effectiveness of the various options
  • Coordinated Village HMGP project with Nassau County’s NY Rising drainage project currently underway in adjacent communities to ensure consistency between the alternatives developed by the Village and the County
  • Prepared documentation to support the Village’s reimbursement requests submitted to the State agency (DHSES) administering the FEMA HMGP funds
  • Prepared comprehensive drainage study report which was approved by FEMA and established the basis for the Phase II design work

The projects outlined below describe Walden’s other engineering services provided to the Village:

Storm Sewer System Assessment and Evaluation of Flood-Prone Areas

  • Completed a preliminary inspection of all drainage structures in Village areas which experienced prolonged flooding as a result of Hurricane Irene and other severe storms in 2011
  • Developed a catch basin and storm piping clean-out priority list to facilitate the Village’s system cleaning activities
  • Developed a plan to inspect the entire storm water drainage system (including outfalls) and evaluate viable options to improve drainage and minimize flooding throughout the Village

Storm Water Management Project

  • Prepared application for storm water management grant funding, resulting in a $410,000 award from the 2006 Nassau County Environmental Bond Act
  • Assisted Village in purchasing new vacuum truck/street sweeper
  • Coordinated with County supplier of catch basin inserts to determine costs and sizing of units
  • Evaluated site conditions and prepared design drawings and bid specifications for swirl separators

Bulkhead Replacement Project

  • Prepared design drawings and bid specifications to replace six deteriorating bulkheads maintained by the Village
  • Assisted Village in project bidding and evaluating contractor bids

MS4 Compliance Project

  • Secured grant funding for community storm water education project which satisfied MS4 requirements
  • Provided Village with recommendations aimed at improving compliance with general MS4 best management practices related to drainage systems, petroleum/chemical/salt storage, vehicles and equipment, and housekeeping practices

Deal Road/Suffolk Road/Brighton Road Resurfacing and Drainage Improvement Project

  • Prepared design drawings and technical bid specifications for road improvement projects
  • Assisted Village in project bidding and contractor selection
  • Provided construction oversight of asphalt road paving, concrete sidewalks/curb work, and installation of new drainage structures and associated piping
  • Provided project scheduling and construction management services including contractor invoice review

GIS Database Development and Management Projects

  • Conducted a detailed pavement conditions survey to assist the Village in prioritizing and budgeting for road improvements; mapped road conditions in a GIS system developed using State grant monies
  • Inventoried all storm water collection catch basins and outfalls within the Village and mapped these structures and their conditions in the Village GIS system

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August 11, 2020