Erosion Control and Shoreline Stabilization, Long Island, New York

Continued erosion had been impacting land around the shore at the project location on property owned by Walden’s client, a local municipality on the South Shore of Long Island. Following Hurricane Sandy and each significant storm event since, the shoreline was consistently losing land as the mean high-water line was reaching closer to the residential properties. Residents and the Village feared that this land would soon be completely lost without quick action. Walden was hired with the intent to stabilize the shoreline and mitigate the continuing erosion and land loss.

Walden prepared the design drawings, specifications, and bid documents for a Gabion Basket Wall and reinforcement of an existing concrete bulkhead. In order to obtain approval to construct the designed structures, various coastal management and wetland permits were needed. Walden applied for permits and approvals from the New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC), United State Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and New York State Department of State (DOS). Permit applications proved that our design would not harm any native species or waterways, while ensuring that new vegetation would be planted to help the local ecosystem. Once all design drawings were approved and permits were obtained, Walden coordinated the bidding process and evaluated contractor bids on behalf of the Village.

Walden performed all construction oversight starting from contractor mobilization through project close out. Installation of the Gabion Basket design reclaimed approximately 2,800 square feet of Village property and created new green space in the Village. This design has been successful for the Village in reducing erosion of the shoreline, stabilizing the beach area during periods of peak water level, and protecting private properties from flood impacts.


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July 15, 2020