Class A/B Operator Training, Long Island, NY

Walden provides Class A/B operator services to various clients including Municipalities and Fire Districts.  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation mandates that facilities which store and distribute petroleum products in underground storage tank (UST) systems employ or hire Class A/B/C operators to inspect and monitor the UST systems on-site. The operators must perform daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual inspections to ensure the integrity of the UST system is not compromised, with the goal of preventing contamination from leaks and spills to the environment.  Walden’s A/B operators complete quarterly compliance inspections and provide other services related to UST compliance, allowing our clients to focus on their core business needs.

In addition to performing quarterly inspections, Walden provides contractor coordination and oversight for many different tests, and makes recommendations to the client on system repairs and improvements to remain in compliance. Walden visits the site to inspect the different aspects of a tank system such as the fill port, tank sump, alarm systems, piping, fuel dispenser, etc. Working with the Class C operator at the facility, Walden provides advice on compliance issues and inspects on-site binders to ensure that weekly and monthly inspections are being performed and documented by designated staff. The Class C operator on-site requires training from a Class A or B operator but does not have to pass a NYSDEC certification exam. Walden has trained many Class C operators on how to perform the required inspections.

Walden confirms the integrity of a system and ensures proper operations are being followed to prevent damages, which then require repairs. Walden coordinates all applicable UST system testing through certified contractors to ensure that NYSDEC and County requirements are satisfied. These tests may include electronic system functionality tests to ensure the electronic portions of the system are operating properly and tightness tests to ensure that the integrity of the piping and tanks in the system are not compromised. These tests focus on preventing the tank system from leaking product into the environment.

After completing each quarterly inspection, Walden drafts a report detailing all the findings of the inspection. Walden advises the client on which repairs may be necessary and what items require attention to prevent non-compliance violations. At the request of the client, Walden provides quotes for various repairs, discusses regulatory items with pertinent agencies and trains employees on different aspects of the Class A/B/C operations.

Class A/B operators must ensure that the Facility’s tank systems are operating properly and are in compliance with all necessary rules and regulations. Walden documents each inspection and ensures all documentation is current and up to date. Working closely with the client ensures that all information is available and that when regulatory agencies perform inspections, the site is in compliance, thereby avoiding violations and associated penalties.



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July 22, 2020