Preparing for FDNY Spray Booth Inspections

by | Dec 15, 2022

A Fire Department of New York (FDNY) spray booth inspection can occur as scheduled after filing for a FDNY permit. These inspections can also be unexpected if there is a suspected violation. In this second instance, during the inspection, the facility must be prepared to provide the FDNY inspector with the proper forms and documentations, such as the approved NYC Department of Buildings (NYCDOB) spray booth drawings. As per the requirement from Chapter 24 of the FDNY “Flammable Finishes” regulation, if the facility’s operation uses flammable products (paints, coating, solvents, etc.), then the FDNY permit application must be provided along with the NYCDOB approved drawings that show compliance with the FDNY code. If the facility’s operation uses only water-based non-flammable products and not solvent-based, hence not flammable, (including cleaning products), then an FDNY permit is not required, and only the approved DOB drawings, alongside the letter stating that the spray booth at the facility is exempted, are expected.

After reviewing your documents, the designated FDNY inspector will make their observations around the facility to check if there are any violations of administrative code, fire department rules, and other provisions of law that the department is authorized to enforce. If they discover violations, they will issue a Notice of Violation for your spray booth operations. Below is a copy of a Notice of Violation for a spray booth.

Failure to comply with the code can result in civil and/or administrative penalties. It should also be noted that the current air permit of registration from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) might also be requested by the inspector during the time of their visit.

If you are operating a spray booth without a NYCDOB and FDNY permit, or your facility has been inspected by a DOB or FDNY inspector, please contact Walden at 516-588-6859. Our experienced engineers can help you obtain the documentation that you need to ensure that your spray booth is in compliance with all regulations. If you’re interested in reading more about spray booth permitting in NYC, you can download Walden’s spray booth guide here.

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To learn more about spray booths, check out Walden’s guide here. Please contact us at 516-588-6859 if you’d like to speak with an engineer about spray booth permitting in NYC.