Spray Booth Permitting in NYC

In order to operate a spray booth in New York City (NYC), multiple permits must be obtained before its installation, followed by special and final inspections leading to the final issuance of specific Permits.

The following are the required Permits for the spray booth operation:

  1. NYC Department of Building (NYCDOB or DOB)
  2. NYC Fire Department (FDNY)
  3. NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP or DEP)
  4. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC or DEC)

Each application to be filed with one of the agencies in NYC, usually involves the following steps:

  1. Submittal of the proposed spray booth projects, including drawings and equipment specifications
  2. Approval by the agencies. Normally the FDNY application should be submitted after the DOB has approved the proposed project
  3. Inspection from the agencies to issue the final Permit
  4. Maintenance of the Permit. If there are no changes in operation, the owner/operator of the spray booth just needs to pay a fee to renew the Permit. Exception is the DOB
    Permit which does not need to be renewed when the spray booth installation is finalized and the equipment has received a certificate of completion after all the inspections (special and final) are performed.

Regarding the NYSDEC Air Permit/Registration, the application must include ALL emissions present at the facility and therefore the amount of effort can vary depending on how many emissions sources must be permitted (or registered). Application can vary from a simple Registration or a more complex Permit depending on the actual and potential emission generated from ALL sources. If only a spray booth is present most likely a Registration will be sufficient.

Walden has a pluriannual experience on filing all these Permits required to run a spray booth in NYC, since in its staff there are Engineers that are prepared to deal with all regulatory operational requirements, starting from the DOB regulations (including the Plumbing Code, the Mechanical Code, the Electrical Code, and the Energy Code), the FDNY Code and ending with the NYC and NYS Air Codes.

Walden also assisted clients regarding some issues that arose during the Permits’ applications submittal, such as DOB zoning variances, asbestos inspections, fire extinguishing system filing with DOB, storage of flammable and/or combustible material to be in compliance with the FDNY code, as well as all the Health and Safety requirements that operating a spray booth might entail.

Walden has also successfully assisted clients to obtain all necessary operating Permits for different types of spray booth (and spray room), either used in the automotive industry, woodworking, powder coating or metal working business, in various locations in the 5 boroughs of NYC.

If you are already operating a Spray booth and you have been inspected by one of the regulatory agencies in New York City demanding to legalize the equipment, Walden is also capable in assisting you to avoid any unnecessary fines, dealing with NYC agencies requests to have your spray booth in compliance with all the applicable codes.


Posted on

December 10, 2020