NYSDEC Now Requiring Groundwater Protection for Mulch and Compost Processing Facilities

by | Aug 10, 2023

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) now requires registered and permitted mulch (greater than 10,000 cubic yards storage) and compost (greater than 3,000 cubic yards per year) processing facilities located in Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island to meet new groundwater protection requirements.

This groundwater protection rule is part of the NYSDEC final Part 360/361 Solid Waste Management Regulations, effective July 22, 2023, and it requires the following:

  • groundwater, monitoring, site investigation, environmental consulting, monitoring wellBy November 19, 2023, facility owners or operators will be required to submit a groundwater monitoring plan that includes the installation of groundwater monitoring wells.
  • Facilities will need to install and maintain a minimum of three (3) groundwater monitoring wells including one (1) upgradient monitoring well and two (2) downgradient monitoring wells; however, more wells may be required depending on site specific conditions.
  • The facility must install the proposed groundwater monitoring wells in accordance with the groundwater monitoring plan within sixty (60) days after the NYSDEC approval of the plan.
  • The groundwater monitoring wells are then required to be sampled quarterly, and the sampling results must be submitted to the NYSDEC within 60 days after the sampling event.
  • After one (1) year of groundwater monitoring, facilities may make a request to the NYSDEC to reduce the sampling frequency if the groundwater sample concentrations consistently meet the applicable groundwater standards.

Walden has successfully developed similar groundwater monitoring plans that were approved by the NYSDEC and can help you with all aspects of development of the written plan, monitoring well installation, development and surveying, and subsequent sampling and analysis of on-site groundwater.

Walden has a team of solid waste and groundwater experts that can help you and your facility adapt to the final Part 360/361 rules. Give us a call at 516-604-5684 for more information.

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Learn more about groundwater monitoring here, and contact Walden’s solid waste team at 516-604-5684 for assistance complying with the new Part 360 regulations.