Walden hosted its continued tradition of International Food Day on Friday September 20, 2019.  International Food Day was started by Walden to spend some quality time with coworker’s while having delicious meals from all over the world to celebrate diversity in the workplace.

Walden is a diverse work place with employees from all over the world who are eager to share their favorite foods with coworker. Walden has employees with backgrounds from South America, Italy, Turkey, Ireland, Russia, Australia and many other places. Walden employees chose a favorite meal from their favorite country to bring to the event. This year there were delicious meals including empanadas, homemade hummus, perogies, christini sausage and cheese, biryani, shepherd’s pie, lamingtons and many more.

Not only is the food international but so is the music! Walden puts together a diverse playlist with songs chosen by all employees because without music, what’s the point? This year, the playlist included music by Bocelli, Ricky Martin, Igor Stravinsky, etc.

Walden enjoys the diversity of International Food Day that makes it so special and tasty. Everyone had a wonderful time coming together and trying all the different foods.

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