Walden Day

Being an active participant in the community is a huge priority at Walden. That is why each year we dedicate our company anniversary to serving our community. We find that it is important to get out of our day-to-day environment, and get tuned in to the needs of organizations that are making a positive impact on the world around us.

Cornell Cooperative Extension

This year, we elected to host Walden Day at the Cornell Cooperative Extension, as they were in need of much work to be done before their summer campers arrive. 4-H started up in Suffolk County in 1936 as a research-based, land-grant university affiliated program. The camp at CCE is dedicated to providing our youth with the tools they need to have a well-rounded understanding and appreciation for our environment and health, on top of a strong foundation of community service and education.

For this upcoming camp season, CCE needed help with cabin cleanup. Walden employees arrived ready to get the job done! We spent the day beautifying the uninhabited cabins for this summer’s campers. Walden assisted with raking, painting, and other tasks to get the living quarters into top shape.


Walden is proud to partner with organizations like CCE, which help to expand the minds of our youth. We strive to continuously be positive attributes to our community at large.


You can learn more about our community engagement efforts at Walden by visiting our website or giving us a call today at 516-758-1273.