On December 15, 2021, the New York City Council passed an Introduction (2430-A) amending and updating the New York City Fire Code. The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has posted on its website the proposed 2022 New York City Fire Code. The newly-revised code will be known as the 2022 New York City Fire Code. The 2022 Fire Code will take effect on April 15, 2022.  Walden has extensive experience in this area and can help you comply with these new regulations.


The FDNY rule applicability for the existing facilities remains the same, they need to comply with the updates as applicable and required.


The new requirements from the 2022 Fire code affect facilities such as automotive salvage and wrecking facilities; facilities establishing and operating auxiliary radio communication systems; combustible dust operations; commercial kitchens; distilleries; stationary energy storage systems; fleet fueling practices; hot work operations using oxygen and flammable gases (i.e. welding torch operation), hydrogen fuel gas rooms; dry cleaning facilities; explosive blasting operations; facilities storing/handling Alcohol-based hand rubs classified as Class I or Class II liquids.


What are the Amendments?

The key changes are summarized below but are not limited to these. For more details visit the City’s website to review updates for 2022 or contact Walden.

  • Renumbering of sections, the resource is a cross-reference summary;
  • FC Chapter 2 has the most revised definitions;
  • General provisions are updated for precautions against fire and Emergency preparedness plan, and fire operation features for a building;
  • clarifies the facilities requiring Certificate of Approval (COA) and the recordkeeping conditions for the existing COA;
  • Establish new storage and disposal requirements for waste airbags;
  • Update in the listing of fire protection maintenance standards 901;
  • Revision in conditions for monitoring, testing, and maintenance of fire extinguishing system;
  • Changes in Compliance standards for Powder coating and Woodworking facilities;
  • Revision in fire code for aboveground motor fuel storage tanks;
  • Revised the Maximum allowable quantity (MAQ) tables for hazardous material and include combustible dust (ref to table 2703.1.1(1)/ 50003.1.1(1);
  • Citywide permit expanded to incorporate transportation of hazardous material;
  • Clarifies and revises the combustible material storage and other storage hazards, provisions for solid fuel storage;
  • Clarifies the fire department approval and notification requirements for the facilities storing flammable and combustible liquids, gases, and Liquefied Petroleum Gases;
  • Updates with the new referenced standards in the Fire code chapters.


What are the actions required for the existing facility?

The existing facilities operating undercurrent FDNY permits need to stay updated with the new conditions while submitting renewals or inspection requests as required. Also, they can verify if their maintenance records can be filed online.


How can Walden help you stay compliant?

Walden has expertise in providing services to file FDNY permits for eligible facilities.


With the 2022 update, we can help in preparing and online filing of an emergency preparedness plan.


We can also better assist you in submitting a request for correction of the non-compliant condition. We can provide support for preparing engineering drawings in compliance with the FDNY code as well the New York City Department of Building (NYCDOB) construction codes and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP)/ New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)  air codes. Also, we can help you file for approval and notifications for facilities wanting to change the content from the storage tanks with flammable and combustible liquid. Our experienced staff can be also consulted regarding the requirements for the installation of combustible dust collection equipment and mitigation measures.


For further details or if you are unsure if the newly proposed 2022 NYC Fire Code is applicable to your facility feel free to contact Walden at 516-588-6859 for a free consultation