automated-fule-system-what-to-look-forThere’s no question that an automated fuel systemcan streamline your operation and help you gain control over valuable fuel assets. With no end in sight to rising fuel costs, investing in fuel management software makes more sense than ever. A top quality automated fuel system should offer a comprehensive list of features, but exactly how you’ll benefit depends on the specifics of your business.

The most important features will address your most urgent needs. However, as you investigate systems you should consider what additional benefits the software can provide down the road, because in the end, the broader the scope of efficiencies gained, the greater your savings will be.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a transportation company managing both fleets and fueling, a government entity doing essentially the same thing, or a fixed-base operator that’s more focused on the fueling side. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a small, local operation or large regional enterprise with lots of vehicles and fueling locations. You need complete, accurate and timely records that put you in control.

Automation takes human error out of the picture, both mistakes and inconsistencies. Instead, with the right fuel management system you can:

  • Significantly reduce or even eliminating theft and dispensing errors.
  • Systematically collect vital vehicle and fueling maintenance data without misallocation or other record-keeping breakdown.
  • Capture additional information about vehicle performance, maintenance needs and fuel usage.
  • Record and access data in real time.

An automated fuel system helps you secure and track your fuel assets, to virtually eliminate losses and squeeze every mile from the fuel you buy. It frees up drivers, fueling crews, office staff and managers to direct their time toward more productive activities.

Simply gaining better control over your inventory can make an impressive difference. But your automated fuel system will really shine when it enables you to obtain more – and more detailed – information than you can capture now. With more information, you can make smarter daily operations decisions. You can comprehensively manage your fleet, ensuring longer vehicle life with on-time scheduled maintenance and fewer costly repairs.

When you choose an automated fuel system that will do all that, you’ll have the tools you need to fully analyze data and forecast more accurately, for more strategic long-term  planning. You can readily comply with regulatory or internal reporting requirements. And you’ll be able to direct your savings toward other important needs.

Photo Credit: Dok1