Although it might not be immediately obvious, stormwater runoff from construction sites poses a serious environmental risk. When rain flows over unvegetated land, it flows quickly. Higher flow velocities enable runoff to carry sediment, litter, and other pollutants from the site into downstream environments.  Efforts can be made to slow down or redirect stormwater runoff, preventing erosion whenever possible, and, causing sediment to accumulate at a manageable location on-site.
Construction projects that will disturb at least 1 acre of soil or are located within a protected watershed need a special construction permit from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) and must have a site-specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) that specifies runoff control measures, maintenance plans, and post-construction site conditions.

To ensure that site contractors are implementing their approved SWPPP, weekly inspections must be performed by a third-party certified E&SC inspector. The qualified inspector reviews site compliance:

  • at least once every seven days for sites with 1 to 5 acres of exposed soil
  • at least twice every seven days for sites with more than 5 acres of exposed soil

Walden employs qualified site inspectors who are trained to identify potential SPDES violations and water quality standards issues. Walden works cooperatively with contractors to prevent erosion issues and keep control measures up-to-date and in good condition before they become non-compliant.  Walden’s staff understand the reporting requirements and will prepare all the necessary documentation you need if an NYS DEC inspector visits your construction site.

Our certified erosion and sediment control inspectors have experience working on busy sites and understand site-safety protocol. Give Walden a call at (516) 624-7200 to use our NYS DEC certified E&SC inspectors on your construction site or prepare your site-specific SWPPP.