Are you considering growing your business? Do you need to expand your space in order to support this growth?

Businesses frequently struggle with deciding when, and how, to grow. When they need to expand their physical space, the decision is even more difficult – How should the project be planned and executed? How does one limit the impact to existing operations during construction? Which firms are the best choices to design and construct the project and ensure our interests are met during the process?blueprint

Walden Environmental Engineering, PLLC, a trusted partner providing professional engineering and regulatory compliance services to businesses throughout Lower New York State for over 20 years, has added site planning to our scope of services, and can help you with every aspect of your expansion plans. The newest member of Walden’s team is a professional design engineer with career-long experience in site development, so we can now assist you with evaluating, planning, designing, constructing and occupying your new, expanded or renovated space.

When you decide to expand or remodel your space, you can expect to go through the following steps:

  1. Schematic Design – A comprehensive discussion all of your operational and project needs with Walden Environmental Engineering. Many questions are considered during this process to drill down the Owner’s needs– How much space is available for your new facilities? How many workspaces are needed and what is the optimum workstation configuration? What kind of equipment is required? Walden will prepare and discuss the schematic plans with you to ensure that the design concepts fulfill your project wishes and are realistic in terms of operations, budget, future growth, etc.
  1. Due Diligence – If the Schematic Design proves the project physically and financially feasible, Walden will perform due diligence services to investigate the existing property and its potential. These services include a boundary and topographic survey of the property, a title report, a geotechnical (soils) report, an environmental report, a zoning analysis, evaluation of utility capacities and of “will serve” status, and preparation of a Land Constraints Map or report (identifying impediments to development such as easements, zoning restraints, wetlands, steep slopes, etc.).
  • If the due diligence process indicates that the schematic plan is not feasible, a revised plan will be prepared, with another evaluation of go/no go based upon whether the revised project meets the Owner’s operational and financial goals.
  1. Design Development and Permitting – At this point, the project goes into design development. Walden will prepare design plans, documents, calculations and reports suitable for permitting and approval by appropriate governing jurisdictions, including local Planning, Zoning and Building Boards and Commissions, and involved County, State, Regional and Federal agencies. Public input will be invited in step with the agency review process, which could cause project delays if there is significant opposition. The project may have to be revised to alleviate public concerns related to traffic, ecology, noise, emergency services, aesthetics, etc.


  1. Construction Documents – When all permits and approvals have been secured, Walden will prepare Contract Documents for construction including the Construction Drawings, Contract Specifications, and Bid Documents. When the Owner and Walden agree that the Contract Documents are complete and ready for bidding, Walden will assist the Owner in bidding out the work and selecting a qualified contractor.


  1. Construction Management – After the successful bidder has been engaged and construction commences, the Walden continue to assist the Owner with project meetings, scheduling, inspections, review of shop drawings and other submittals, and liaising with the Contractor. As construction nears completion, the Walden will conduct Commissioning procedures to ensure that all aspects of the facility operate as intended by the design drawings and specifications.


  1. Project Completion – When commissioning is complete, as-built record drawings have been prepared and the project has received all required use and occupancy permits, the facility will be accepted by the owner by the Owner and use of the new or renovated space will commence.


For more information on how Walden can help to expand your property and business, please give us a call at 516-624-7200.