Molds are a type of fungus that grows both outside and indoors. Mold plays an important role in ecosystems by aiding in biodegradation and is abundant in our world. However, long term exposure to certain types of mold within homes and work places can induce allergic reactions and various other health effects for occupants. Immune-compromised individuals may suffer from more severe impacts.

Mold thrives where oxygen and moisture are present and can grow on a multitude of organic surfaces, including wood, sheetrock, paper, carpet, and insulation. A good rule of thumb to follow is “where there is water, there can be mold.” In order to grow, molds produce spores which become airborne, take hold on moist surfaces, and continue the life cycle. By controlling indoor humidity, temperature, and moisture, mold growth can likewise be controlled. However, since mold is so abundant outdoors, it is not feasible to rid your home or work place of every spore.

If you suspect or observe mold growth in your living or work space, Walden can help! The first step is to perform an assessment of the area in question. The assessment may include the collection of air or tape lift samples that can be analyzed at a laboratory. Walden has several licensed mold assessors on staff who can inspect your space and provide recommendations to a licensed contractor if abatement is deemed necessary.

Speaking of licensed professionals, did you know that New York State Article 32 of Labor Law (Read More Here: https://waldenenvironmentalengineering.comnew-york-state-department-labor-mold-program-update/) went into effect in 2016 to protect customers from unscrupulous individuals who would charge high fees for ineffective mold abatement services? That means the company who performs the mold inspection cannot be the same entity that remediates the mold condition.

Walden Environmental Engineering is a NYSDOL Licensed Mold Assessor Firm with multiple certified mold assessors on staff capable of providing a variety of services related to mold inspections and indoor air quality surveys.  Walden can also provide contacts for licensed mold abatement companies and help you coordinate the process. Call us at 516-586-0248 for a free consultation to discuss mold issues or any of the other civil/environmental engineering services we provide.