Fuel pump price at $3.79 a gallon gas stationWith the price of fuel rising again, it’s more important than ever to closely control your fuel inventory and see clearly where it’s going. A fuel management systemcan be your best ally to help keep track of fuel assets, every step of the way.

If you manage fleets, tanker trucks or other fueling operations — including general use company vehicles, locally-focused bus and trucking companies that own their own fuel tanks, marinas, mobile fueling services, municipal fire, police and utility departments – or if you’re an airport Fixed Based Operator, you can improve fuel security by investing in a fuel management system.

In a typical not-so-secure setting, you can lose track of your inventory via:

  • Intentional theft or inadvertent dispensing.
  • Misallocation – fueling multiple vehicles without separately recording the information.
  • Inaccurate record-keeping for tax and vehicle maintenance.
  • Mistaken gas vs. diesel fuel dispensing.

A fuel management system can work with any type of pump-able fuel – liquid, gaseous, alternative fuels, so it can work for your organization.

Count on stronger accountability.

The right system, especially one equipped with FuelMaster’s Automotive Information Modules (AIM2), can help you eliminate these security problems. Detailed, real-time automated information capture lets you track fuel usage far more effectively, too. You’ll always know your fuel and your vehicles are being used properly and efficiently.

A fuel management system with AIMs sidesteps human error with hands-free operation. No longer will you have to wonder if your records are correct or up to date, whether fuel is mysteriously disappearing and why.

You’ll be able to maintain your regular vehicle maintenance schedule and also know right away if unusual problems crop up. That’s security of a different nature — the confidence that you’re doing everything possible to protect and prolong the life of your expensive fleet of vehicles. Budget security, if you will.

At Walden, we recommend the FuelMaster fuel management system. It’s good enough for the US military – used at more than 500 installations by all military branches worldwide under some of the most unfriendly conditions you can imagine. It has also become an essential operations tool for municipal departments and regional and state agencies that operate under tightly controlled budget conditions.

It might be the right fuel management system for you, too.

Securing your fuel assets protects one of your biggest expense line items. What could be more valuable than that?

Photo Credit: Tate Nation