Fleet Fuel Management System4With fuel prices at a premium and fuel costs accounting for the second-largest budget line for most fleet and fueling operations, you need to reduce those expenses every way possible. A fleet fuel management system enables you to gain control over your fuel and the way you use it, and it helps you save money in other ways, too.

That’s because a comprehensive fleet fuel management system gives you visibility into broad-scale details about your operation, not just fuel itself. By automatically collecting information about each vehicle’s status and performance during every fueling event, you can greatly enhance record-keeping. Each fleet fuel management system has its own benefits, so follow the link for a comparison.

And since you’re capturing that information in real time, you can put it to use immediately to improve daily operations on the fly as well as strengthen long-range forecasting, budgeting and other planning. You can save money in the near term and also down the road.

Better driving.

You can lower your fuel consumption by identifying wasteful habits such as excessive idling, power take-offs and hard braking, etc. Those things not only play havoc with mileage, they also cause premature wear and tear, necessitating earlier parts replacement and more costly repairs.

At the same time, you’re working to increase safety. That reduces the risk of speeding tickets or even accidents, which can be costly in terms of money and down time, not to mention potential personal injuries.

Better route planning.

You can reduce overall fuel consumption by analyzing and streamlining your delivery or other travel routes. Less driving means more savings, and as already noted you’ll save twice, by using less fuel and eliminating unnecessary service and repairs.

Kindly driven vehicles will last longer, too, so you won’t have to replace them as often. That ability to stretch your capital investment funds can have a significant impact on your business, increasing long-term profitability or allowing you to fund new business-building opportunities.

No missing fuel.

You can eliminate theft, because the right fleet fuel management system renders it impossible to dispense the wrong fuel into a vehicle or to dispense any fuel at all into an unauthorized vehicle.

You can avoid paperwork misallocations as well, because drivers are no longer responsible for manual data entry. Information is uploaded electronically – completely and accurately. No oops, I forgot to write that down. No illegible handwriting. Record keeping is not only thorough, it’s reliable.

Spot-on billing.

If your operation provides third-party fueling services, or if you bill individual departments or other business enterprise segments for fuel, accuracy is crucial. With an automated fleet fuel management system, you’ll never again have to wonder if the numbers are correct. Ensuring you’re receiving every cent of revenue you’re owed benefits your bottom line just like savings.

Greater productivity.

Eliminating tedious manual tasks makes drivers and administrative staff more productive. They can get more done in less time, and focus on what’s most important. And since time is money, that’s another savings.

Better forecasting.

Another by-product of increased information and insight is better planning. Your fuel management system provides more detailed, guaranteed-correct data that enables everyone in your operation to make better decisions, both day-to-day and looking ahead.

Cheaper fuel.

When you’re doing things the old way – by hand — record-keeping confusion and  inconsistencies can make you uncertain what you’re actually paying for fuel. But some companies have discovered that adopting a fleet fuel management system gives them so much more insight into their fuel costs and accountability, they’re actually able to predict usage more accurately. And that helps them negotiate a better price with their vendor.

If you were to take advantage of these multiple cost-saving opportunities by implementing a fleet fuel management system, how much could you save over a year’s time? How much over several years?  Learn why you should work with Walden to set up a fleet fuel management system.